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All Hallows Primary School Gulgong

education | Gulgong NSW 2852

02 6374 1582
Bayly St, Gulgong NSW 2852

Welcome to the School and Community of All Hallows Primary School Gulgong.

We are a community of parents, staff, students, relatives and friends with our foundation stone being our belief in God.

We strive to be a community living according to the Christian values.

We encourage all members of our community to participate fully in the life of the school community.

We recognise that each child is unique in talents and needs, and aim to educate each student to their fullest potential.

We strive to develop individuals who are an active part of a living, learning and caring community.

We are a Catholic Systemic School catering for Catholic and non-Catholic students and families.

We cater for the educational needs of children from Kindergarten to Year six in Gulgong and surrounds.

Our Vision

At All Hallows School we work as a community with Christ as our centre, aiming to educate young people so they can participate fully in the changing world and the Church.

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